Often children will ask “Why do I need to learn maths?” An excellent article published on highlights why Maths is so important.

Practical Reasons to Learn Math

Sometimes, not knowing basic math can cause a lot of trouble. Caryotakis offered this real-life example as a reason to learn basic math: “If your car has two gallons of gas, and thirty miles to travel, will you make it?” Not knowing the answer could lead to a long walk home.

Here are some other situations where making the wrong calculations could lead to embarrassing or even life-threatening consequences:

You’re going to visit Canada, and the forecast is for 32 degrees Celsius. Should you pack snow boots or flip-flops?

Your child needs fever medication at 3:00 in the morning. The package says to give two teaspoons to a sixty-pound child. If your child weighs forty pounds, how much should he have?

You and 8 friends went out to dinner, and they’ve asked you to divide the £177 bill. If you want to tip the waiter 20%, how much does each person owe?

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Maths Zone

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