Foundation Stage & Key Stage 1

From the moment your child begins school we ensure that they are given every opportunity to learn, explore and play with letter sounds. This is primarily delivered through the phonics programme, Letters and Sounds, but phonic skills are explored through all areas of the curriculum so that the children understand it’s ‘real life’ application and have the opportunity to develop their skills both independently and as a collective.

Alongside this phonetical development the children will be given key High Frequency Words (words that are often not phonetically spelt and that occur regularly in the English language). These will be sent home for the children to learn initially to read and then to spell.

By the time they reach Year 2 they should be ready to move onto the next stage of our phonic and spelling scheme, Letters and Sounds. This looks at some of the more complex sounds and begins our journey into spelling rules.

Key Stage 2

By the time the children reach Year 3 their knowledge of letter sounds should be secure. In which case they will begin their journey on the final stage of our phonic and spelling programme, Spelling Pathways. This stage will take them through the many spelling rules of the English language and will continue until the end of Year 6.

Alongside this programme the children will be set spellings to take home and learn. Some of these are set by the curriculum but others will be topic based or spellings taken from their own class work.

Remember though that we are always here to help and that we hold regular parents meeting to help guide you through not only our literacy scheme but other areas of the curriculum too.

Below is a link to our glossary of grammar terms.  These are all the terms your children will be using throughout the different year groups.


The following is a useful guide for parents to support your child’s reading.

Inference and Deduction – KS2